Surfax® has been up since 1996. This is our DAILY dial-in fax poll service and it's a world exclusive. On a fax machine you just dial up: 1900-155-156, follow the verbal prompts and for a flat fee of just $2.00 we'll send you a 1 page fax which has onboard:

1. A wrap-up of the morning conditions at all of the popular surf regions in Australia.

2. A wrap-up of that day's conditions at most of the surf regions in the WORLD!

3. Plus 2 forecast charts showing the Australian region for the next 3 days!

Now that is a bargain! There is nothing like this daily service anywhere else in the world. We run a day-old sample of the Surfax everyday on this web site. Check it out, but remember, for the current issue, Dial Surfax: 1900-155-156 on your fax machine.

Listen to the brief instructions and enjoy!

Check out yesterday's SURFax Online !!

Surfax is proudly sponsored by Billabong.