Surf Alert® has been around for 20 years! Originally an extension of all the forecasting tools I developed in the early 70's to enable me to surf Mexico ahead of the crowds, Surf Alert became the most important tool in my arsenal of magazine stuff when I was editor of AUSTRALIA'S SURFING LIFE and RIPTIDE in the early 80's.

Our surf photographers require much more than just good waves and great surfers in order to come up with the hot shots. They must have bright, cloudless days and they need to know in advance. With our photographers fanning across the globe all year round, I had to make their efforts cost effective. Expanding on what I already knew and constantly pursuing further education in the field, my knowledge and my network and most importantly, my expertise, grew rapidly.

Today Surf Alert is the daily surf information service for our home base, Australia, as well as the entire world. Our years as a public information service has brought us to a level of expertise where we confidently deliver daily 3-day long range surf forecasts for the Australian continent via our dial-in phone service on 1900-155-155 (.95¢ per min. IDS) or on our dial-in fax service, SURFAX® 1900-155156 ($2.00 flat. IDS).

Our telephone service has 14 different legs on the one line, each with a different Australian region or specific service. We cover Australia like no one else. Every day, no later than 6:30AM, our reporters tell it like it really is. Sydney and Gold Coast surfers get a second update around 3:00PM. What you get is the pure truth about the winds, tides, surf conditions, hazards and expectations for best surfing on the day, on time and without unasked for extras. That's it! Of course if you want more there's plenty more you can listen to, and no surfer worth a grain of sand would ever skip our exclusive 3-day long range surf forecast. It's updated every morning for the following 3 days and it is deadly accurate.

Surf Alert has made the calls for ALL the Billabong Kirra Pro events, the Billabong Challenges and Junior Challenges, the Coke comps in Sydney, all the Konica Skins events at Bells and Sandon, Billabong WA specialty events, Tavarua Island contests and hundreds more. Without fail, we have saved all concerned much time and effort re: the surf. We do the same thing every day for thousands of regular surfers around the country. The amount of petrol saved by our listeners not driving to dud surf checks is enormous, you've told us so! We're stoked to be saving you money and time while preserving this precious natural resource.

You can also win prizes on our 'Mystery Line' or check out the superstars of surfing with taped interviews done by Australia's own Luke Egan as he continues to compete around the world. Yes, there's lots you can listen to but basically, if you just want your local report, you can go in and get out quickly …and cheaply. That was the whole idea all along; a service that was more accurate and more reliable than having a mate who lived at the beach. This is Surf Alert today.

Surfax® has been up since 1996. This is our DAILY dial-in fax poll service and it's a world exclusive! On any fax machine you just dial up: 1900-155-156, follow the verbal prompts and for a flat fee of just $2.00 we'll send you a 1 page fax which has onboard:

1. A wrap-up of the morning conditions at all of the popular surf regions in Australia

2. A wrap-up of that day's conditions at most of the surf regions in the WORLD!

3. Plus 2 forecast charts showing the Australian region for the next 3 days!

Now that is a bargain! There is nothing like this daily service anywhere else in the world. We run a day-old sample of the Surfax everyday on this web site. Check it out, but remember, for the current issue,
Dial Surfax: 1900-155-156 on your fax machine. Listen to the brief instructions and enjoy!

Surfax is also available daily on our website by subscription from anywhere in the world! Check it out.

As for me, I'm stoked to be earning my living by providing this service. After 30 years of hard labour as a surfboard shaper and time as a surf magazine editor, it's a welcome relief to have created a business that helps the surfing world and isn't unhealthy. And I'm super stoked in general because I've been a surfer since 1959 and still ride shortboards, bodyboards and longboards, depending on the conditions. I have a beautiful wife, 2 great kids and they all surf too! I have been blessed for sure! Surfing definitely RULES!

photo courtesy of tom servais

The coolest thing about Surf Alert is the fact that it is truly a surfer's product. All our reporters are solid, regular, in-the- blood surfers and we all love surfing. The money you spend, saves you petrol, supports other surfers and goes into studying weather sciences and marine issues generally. There are no invisible 'wannabe' surf leeches in Surf Alert. It's just me and the few reporters and of course…you. And we all surf! I'm up and on it every day at 5:00AM and I can honestly say that it is a constant buzz forecasting and studying the surf around the world. The better I get, the more I enjoy my work and play. Who wouldn't be stoked?!

My goal is to make Surf Alert the most outrageously accurate long ranged forecast service in existence. We're pioneering state of the art updates and stretching our ability to better inform surfers about the things they need to know to go surfing. We are already 100% accurate much of the time, but we continually strive for better. I never forget that the better I can make Surf Alert, the more fun you and I will both have! That was the original plan and it will never change. That's my 'mission statement!'

Thanks for checking us out and feel free to email your comments to:


Yours Sincerely,

Mike Perry/ staff of one
Surf/Weather Information Systems